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Intermodal Transport



The Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics (WP.24 and its predecessors) has, since 1951, provided a forum for exchange of technical, legal and policy information, as well as best practices, in combined and intermodal transport at the Pan-European level.

This work prepares the ground for policy advice and for the negotiation and administration of multilateral legal instruments.

The objective is to promote combined and intermodal transport in the 56 UNECE member countries and to ensure the maximum utilization of equipment, infrastructure and terminals used for such transport.


In focus

in focus
The next session of the Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics (62nd session) will take place from 30 October to 1 November 2019


10 May 2019

A study on logistics and transport competitiveness in Kazakhstan has been issued. It identifies the transport infrastructure and services available in Kazakhstan, reviews the country’s extensive transport investments, and sets out recommendations to ensure its transport network is ready to harness the growth in inland transport from rising East-West trade.

23 July 2018

A publication on Railways role in intermodality and the digitalization of transport documents has been issued.