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Financing Energy Efficiency Investments for Climate Change Mitigation Project Investor Interest and Capacity Building Needs

Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments for Climate Change Mitigation is one of the sub-regional projects under the umbrella of the Energy Efficiency 21 Project. The countries participating in the project include Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Ukraine. The project aims at developing investment projects and strengthening capacities for development of energy efficiency; providing assistance to national and municipal authorities to introduce reforms needed to support investment projects; and supporting banks and commercial companies to invest in these projects through professionally managed investment funds.
To assess the investor interest and capacity building needs in participating countries the assessment missions to all of them, except Romania, were conducted in September–November 2008. The current report is based on the results of these assessment missions, as well as on the information provided by the National Coordinators and National Participating Institutions. The report presents energy overview, financial environment, project development and finance capacities, and investor interest of the participating countries, as well as business development course programme to provide necessary capacity building.
ISBN 978-92-1-117013-9
ISSN 1014-7225
Sales Number: 09.II.E.17
Series: ECE Energy Series, The, NO.32
Publisher: United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe
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