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Best Policy Practices for Promoting Energy Efficiency

Best Policy Practices for Promoting Energy Efficiency
Meilleures Pratiques pour promouvoir l'efficacité énérgétique

Политика повышения энергоэффективности: передовой опыт

A Structured Framework of Best Practices in Policies to Promote Energy Efficiency for Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Development
UNECE Energy Series 43
This report sets forth a suite of existing energy efficiency policies that stand out as best practices. The policies identified in this report include exemplars of best practices in energy efficiency policies from around the globe, drawn from respected and objective policy evaluations and databases.
The primary audience is policy makers from the member States of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), though this exploration of best practices should be useful in other regions. For countries starting to develop energy efficiency programmes, the policies outlined offer guidance into what works and can offer confidence when exploring and selecting options. For countries with established and proficient energy efficiency programmes, this report can assist by validating policies and offering a set of policy benchmarks.