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Workshop on Modernization of Official Statistics

18 - 20 November 2019
Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland
  Document Title Documents Presentations
  Information Note 1


  Information Note 2 PDF  
  Report PDF  
  Final report for CES PDF  
  Keynote speech
- Anil Arora, Statistics Canada


Project reporting
  Machine Learning Project
Claude Julien, Project Manager
  Strategic Communication Framework
Connie Graziadei, Project Manager



  - Stakeholder engagement PDF  
  - Internal communications, Employee engagement & Mission vision and values PDF  
Modernisation Groups Reporting
  Developing Organisational Capability
Anna Borowska, Statistics Poland
  Supporting Standards Group PDF PDF
  Sharing Tools Group   Link
  ModernStats World Workshop 2019 (with Supporting Standards)   PDF
  Blue Skies Thinking Network
- Barteld Braaksma (Statistics Netherlands)


  Chat bots
- Eric Anvar (OECD)
Other ModernStats Activities
  Generic Statistical Data Editing Model
Daniel Kilchmann, FSO Switzerland
  Outcome of other thematic workshops under ModernStats
Taeke Gjaltema, UNECE
  Proposed Structural changes to the HLG-MOS
Taeke Gjaltema, UNECE
Presentation of Project Proposals for 2020
  BSTN/Mexico: Data Science Lab and Collaboration Platform PDF  
  Serbia: Data-driven decision making support at local level PDF PDF
  Machine Learning II PDF PDF
  BSTN/Italy-Netherlands: Input Privacy-preserving Techniques PDF  
Presentation of Activity Proposals for 2020
  Supporting Standards   PDF
  - Linking GSBPM and GSIM (extension of existing activity) PDF  
  - Core Ontology for Official Statistics (extension) PDF  
  - Metadata Glossary (extension) PDF  
  - GSBPM tasks PDF  
  - GSIM soft updates and user support PDF  
  - Detailing GAMSO Corporate Support in connection to GSBPM PDF  
  - Geospatial PDF  
  Sharing Tools   PDF
  - Updating CSPA catalogue and adding services PDF  
  - Digital CSPA documentation and promotion PDF  
  Developing Organizational Capability   PDF
  - Ethical leadership Framework PDF  
  - Skills and Capability Framework PDF  
  - Competences training and development PDF  
  - Workshop on HRMT PDF  
  - Future of work and the workplace in the context of modernization agenda PDF  
  - Social Media Strategy PDF  
  - Sprint to identify and prioritize activities related to Communication PDF  
  - Internal Communication and Culture change PDF  
  - StatsBot PDF  
  - Synthetic data for Administrative Sources PDF