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High-level Seminar on Harmonisation of Poverty Statistics in CIS Countries

31 October - 02 November 2016
Sochi Russia
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  Report (ECE/CES/2017/15/Add.11)   PDF PDF    
  Provisional Agenda (updated 31.10.2016)   PDF PDF    
  Information Note 1   PDF PDF    
  Information Note 2   PDF PDF    


  Session 1: Measuring poverty to review progress on Sustainable Development Goals          
  The 2030 Development Agenda: Regional approach to poverty reduction (UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS)       PDF PDF
  Assessing the readiness of CIS countries for monitoring progress towards SDGs in poverty reduction and inequality (CISSTAT)     PDF   PDF
  Measuring poverty to review progress on Sustainable Development Goals (Belarus)     PDF   PDF
  Measuring poverty to evaluate progress in implementing SDGs in Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan)     PDF   PDF
  Session 2: Country experiences in responding to latest challenges in producing poverty statistics          
  Assessment of poverty in CIS countries: conceptual and methodological approaches (CISSTAT)     PDF   PDF
  Poverty measurement in Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan)   PDF   PDF PDF
  Measuring poverty in Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)         PDF
  World Bank global poverty monitoring in CIS countries: present and future (World Bank)       PDF PDF
  Session 3: Round table on poverty measurement in the context of new political demands and the role of statistical offices          
  Session 4: Improving comparability of household surveys in CIS countries          
  UNECE Guide on poverty measurement (UNECE)       PDF PDF
  Austrian experience with household surveys (Austria)       PDF PDF
  Survey for poverty measurement in Latvia (Latvia)       PDF PDF
  Development of quality and poverty measurement methodology during transition to new data sources: experience and challenges (Russian Federation)   PDF     PDF
  Project “Harmonized poverty indicators for monitoring sustainable development” (UNECE)       PDF PDF
  Comparability issues in household surveys in CIS region (World Bank)       PDF PDF
  Comparability issues in household surveys in the CIS region (UNECE)         PDF
  Session 5: Multidimensional poverty: what could be the options for CIS countries?          
  Multidimensional poverty measurement (Oxford Poverty & Human Development)       PDF PDF
  Finalization of a national measure of multidimensional poverty in Armenia (Armenia)   PDF   PDF PDF
  Measuring multidimensional poverty, an experience in testing Alkire-Foster methodology in the Republic of Moldova (Republic of Moldova)   PDF   PDF PDF
  Mongolian multidimensional poverty index (Mongolia)   PDF   PDF PDF
  Multidimensional poverty in Tajikistan (Tajikistan)   PDF PDF   PDF
  Session 6: Conclusions on the way forward on harmonisation of poverty statistics          
  Background material          
 The household survey questionnaires are available here
Poverty measurement in Tajikistan: A methodological note