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Policies, Procedures and Terms of Reference

Consolidated UN/CEFACT mandate and terms of referenceEstablishes the structure, mandate, terms of reference and procedures for UN/CEFACT. Also covers Bureau rules and procedures, Bureau election procedures, Country Head of Delegation Guidance and Intersessional Approval process../2017/15PDFPDFPDF
UN/CEFACT Prospective Directions Provides the strategic framework of UN/CEFACT work../2016/20/Rev.1PDFPDFPDF
Programme of work 2019 - 2020Provides a description of what UN/CEFACT will deliver 2019-2020../2019/21 and
Open Development Process - Annex IIIProvides a new template for project proposalsDOC--
Open Development ProcessProvides a description of the sequence how projects are carried out within UN/CEFACT../2016/17PDFPDFPDF
Mandate and Terms of Reference of the Sustainable Fisheries Team of SpecialistsEstablishes the Team of Specialists to promote UN/CEFACT FLUX standard and sustainable fisheries worldwide.../2017/16/Rev.2PDFPDFPDF
Mandate and Terms of Reference of the Advisory Group on the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations (UN/LOCODE)Establishes the Advisory Group on UN/LOCODE to assist in the maintenance of this standard and enhance the network of UN/LOCODE Focal Points.../2017/17/Rev.1PDFPDFPDF
Mandate and Terms of Reference of the Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies in Trade and LogisticsEstablishes the Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies in Trade and Logistics to advise on advanced technologies such as blockchain, IoT, AI and API.../2019/22/Rev.1PDFPDFPDF
Revised Code of Conduct Establishes the base rules for all participants within UN/CEFACT../2010/18/Rev.1PDFPDFPDF
Intellectual Property Rights PolicyDescribes the rights and responsibilities related to IPR for experts participating in the work of UN/CEFACT../2010/20/Rev.2PDFPDFPDF
Provides an executive summary of the IPR Policy../2010/20/Rev.2/Add.1PDFPDFPDF
Extra-Budgetary Contributions to a United Nations Trust Fund for UN/CEFACT activities Provides guidelines on how additional resources can be channeled into the work of UN/CEFACT../2008/39PDFPDFPDF