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Networks of experts

We work with networks of experts to develop leading edge guidelines, recommendations and standards on statistics with a global impact.

The outstanding results are thanks to the national and international experts who devote their time and knowledge to: 

The groups, set up for a short period of time with clear objective and tasks, bring together the best expertise in statistics to pool resources and enable effective development work.

The outputs are used globally, for example to guide the measurement of global production, climate change, population and housing, etc. and to apply common standards in statistical production.

The current Steering Groups and Task Forces are working on the following themes:

The Economy

National Accounts

  Exchange and Sharing of Economic Data

Consumer Price Indices

Quality of Employment

Sustainable development 

Statistics for SDGs

Climate Change-Related Statistics

 Task Force on a Set of Core Climate Change-Related Statistics

Waste statistics

Population, gender and society

Population and Housing Censuses

  Measuring the quality of administrative sources for use in censuses


  Measuring intra-household power and decision-making

  Communicating gender statistics


  Use of longitudinal data for migration statistics

Poverty and inequality

  Measuring social exclusion

  Disaggregated poverty measurement

Statistical management and modernisation

Modernisation of Official Statistics

Measuring the value of official statistics

Groups that have finished their work