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Joint High-level Segment under the Meetings of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention and its Protocol on PRTRs

02 July 2014
Maastricht Netherlands

The High-level Segment targeted high-level officials, including ministers, vice ministers, state secretaries, other heads of delegations and special guests, and was culminated in the adoption of the Maastricht Declaration (ECE/MP.PP/2014/27 Add.1-ECE/MP.PRTR/2014/2 Add.1).

The High-level Segment was chaired by Ms. Wilma Mansveld, Minister for the Environment of the Netherlands, while the thematic session had the format of a panel discussion involving ministers, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders with strong expertise in the themes discussed, followed by a general debate. The discussion was facilitated by a Mr Hans Alders, former Minister for the Environment of the Netherlands.

The substantive focus of the High-level Segment was based on the themes of the Maastricht Declaration. The session, among others, provided input to the work on the future sustainable development agenda following the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 (Rio+20 Conference) and setting and implementing relevant Millennium Development or future Sustainable Development Goals.

Live broadcast of the High-level segment
The thematic sessions of the High level segment were broadcasted live from the host country website

Post-session Documents

Document Title ENG FRE RUS
Report of the joint High-level Segment (ECE/MP.PP/2014/27-ECE/MP.PRTR/2014/2) PDF PDF PDF
Maastricht Declaration: Transparency as a driving force for environmental democracy (ECE/MP.PP/2014/27 Add.1-ECE/MP.PRTR/2014/2 Add.1) PDF PDF PDF


Documents ENG FRE RUS
Provisional agenda for the Joint High-level Segment ECE/MP.PP/2014/26-ECE/MP.PRTR/2014/1 PDF PDF PDF
Draft Maastricht Declaration ECE/MP.PP/2014/L.26 and ECE/MP.PRTR/2014/L.1







Provisional programme of the thematic session of the High-level segment (AC/MOP-5/Inf.3-PRTR/MOPP-2/Inf.2) PDF    

In-session docs

In-session unedited documents are subject to revision and adoption by the Meetings of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention and its Protocol on PRTRs at their fifth and second session respectively. 

Document ENG FRE RUS
Maastricht Declaration (ECE/MP.PP/2014/CRP.7-ECE/MP.PRTR/2014/CRP.1 PDF


Statements delivered at the High-level Segment

Agenda item / statement
High-level Segment
Statement by the Minister for the Environment of the Netherlands, Ms Wilma Mansveld PDF    
Statement by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr Ban Ki Moon (delivered by Mr Michael Møller, Acting Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) PDF    
3. Thematic session      
Panel 1: Right to Information and Environmental Democracy      
Statement by Mr Phil Hogan, Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government PDF    
Panel 2: Right to information and social media      
Statement by Ms Marta Szigeti Bonifert PDF    
4. Maastricht Declaration      
Statement by the EU and its Member States at WGP-18 PDF
Comment by the EU and its Member States at WGP-18 PDF
Statement by the EU and its Member States PDF    
Statement by Greece  PDF    
Statement by Latvia PDF    
Statement by Romania PDF    
Statement by Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean PDF    
Statement by Chile and Costa Rica PDF    
5. Adoption of Outcomes      
Statement by Belarus     PDF